Technology Opportunities Track

Your Customers Need Your AI Advice: Early Steps to Selling AI

Chances are your customers and prospects are considering where investment in AI-enabled technologies can reap the most return. And in most cases, they still have lots to figure out. As with previous “emerging” technologies, the AI infusion provides channel partners an opportunity to reinforce their role as trusted advisor and/or provider. Our expert AI panel will provide channel partners with strategies and solutions that help prospects discover where AI can address their issues, provide impactful outcomes and deliver healthy ROIs.

Moderator: Martin Vilaboy, editor-in-chief, ChannelVision Magazine

Panelist: Matt Whitmer, Chief Revenue Officer and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mosaicx

David Wright, Founder & CEO, Disruptive Innovations

Darren Prine, Chief Business Development Officer, Cloud Tech Gurus  

Olen Scott, Head of Channels, Nextiva

Michael Cohen, Principal Software Engineer, Unified Office

Performance, Pricing & Service – Know the Alternative to ‘Big Cloud’

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – often referred to as “Big Cloud” – dominate the cloud services space with widespread brand awareness and massive marketing budgets. But the growth and success of “Big Cloud” often has come at the expense of its small- and medium-sized clients. In this session, attendees will learn about the thousands of smaller but equally capable “Alternative Cloud” providers, and the advantages that can be gained working with “Alternative Cloud” providers across performance, price, ease-of-use, service and flexibility.

Moderator:Ian McClarty, President, phoenixNAP

Panelist: Rick Mancinelli, Founder and CEO, C3 Complete

Jeffrey Gregor, General Manager, OVHcloud US

Koby Phillips, Vice President, Business Development – Cloud, Telarus

Saving Your Customers from SaaS Sprawl

It’s more than likely that the employees of your customers are using a variety of SaaS subscriptions on a daily basis. It’s almost as likely those customers are overspending on and underutilizing their SaaS subscriptions.  All of which leaves your clients facing budget gaps, potential security concerns, waste and redundancies. At the core of this sprawl issue is a lack of visibility into company SaaS activity and centralized management. Our panel of experts will discuss why offering SaaS expense management may be more important to your customers than selling SaaS subscriptions, as well as how and where to seize the opportunities and reinforce your role as the trusted advisor.

Moderator: Warren Reyburn;senior vice president, Technology Division, SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, LLC

Panelists: Sam Valme, Senior Director, Channel Experience at AvePoint

IoT Touches Everything: Driving Deeper into Tech Stack Dollars

IoT is about a lot more than cents-per-device and basic connectivity. Many deployments also require storage, backhaul, security, secondary lines, analytics and monitoring, among others. Our panel of IoT experts will discuss the solution opportunities that come with an IoT network and how it can drive partners deeper into the customer stack.

Moderator: Martin Vilaboy, editor-in-chief, ChannelVision Magazine

Panelist: Vince Bradley, CEO, Abundant IoT

David Wright, Founder & CEO, Disruptive Innovations

Michael Cohen, Principal Software Engineer, Unified Office

Accelerating the Channel Supply Chain, Two-Part Session

A panel of representatives from the CVx expo hall’s Acceleration Avenue will come together to discuss and expose the breakdowns and deficiencies that must be solved in order to complete the digital transformation of the channel supply chain. These experts from up and down the supply chain will identify the pain points that must be addressed to accelerate sales, as well as the types of interactions, integrations, next-gen PRM, and marketplaces that are necessary for future success.  This session includes the participants ability to offer input regarding supply chain pain points and topics of discussion for panelists to respond to in the “Part 2” session held the following day.

Moderator: Rick Becker, president, XaaS1

Say Goodbye to UCaaS R.I.P (Rip and Replace)

Unified communications can frighten customers who fear the dreaded “rip and replace” of their existing infrastructure. Technology executives should not think about cloud as a destination but as an enabler to wrap communications around their entire business. The new definition for R.I.P. is Repurpose, Integrate and Pivot. Attend this session to learn how progressive organizations are repurposing existing infrastructures, integrating communications capabilities and pivoting from a one-size-fits-all UCaaS model to a solution that is tailored to an organization’s business model.

Presenter: Kathy Mazza, Head of Channel Sales, Ooma

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