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Reseller Requirements MSPs Need to Know – Two-Part Session

The benefits of “owning the customer” versus partnering with a carrier that in the end “owns the customer” are pretty clear. And in today’s world of managed infrastructures, even MSP and VAR partners that are new to selling telecom can become a type of virtual carrier. That doesn’t mean the step into white label resell of business communications and data services can be taken lightly. This two-part training seminar will cover the regulatory, tax and billing requirement boxes channel partners need to make sure are checked off when considering a transition from sales agency to carrier. Topic-expert panelists will discuss the differences between selling telecom and selling software, hardware and professional services, as well as the burdens and risks decision makers need to know.

Moderators: Tom Forte, Redjacket Solutions, LLC and Jonathan Marashlian, Managing Partner, Marashlian & Donahue

Panelist: Robert Dumas, Owner & CEO, TaxConnex

Jeff Lytle, Founder & President, Sandy Beaches Software

Brent Reeves, Chief Revenue Officer, Ceretax

Monetizing Voice and SMS Compliance in the Digital Age

As digital communications rapidly evolve, organizations are increasingly relying on voice and SMS as critical tools for their operations. However, the complexities of regulatory compliance and identity verification have become daunting obstacles. In this presentation, we unveil an innovative solution: Identity and Compliance as a Service (ICaaS), tailored specifically for voice and SMS compliance.Join us as we navigate the labyrinth of identity verification and compliance, demonstrating how your customers can leverage this powerful knowledge to meet today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.

Moderator: Noah Rafalko; CEO, TSG Global

The FTC Safeguards Rule: An Executive Guide

This summer, the FTC enacted a significant set of changes to the original Safeguards Rule. Given continuous technological advancement and an equally evolving threat landscape, the new requirements are much more rigorous. The surprise is that the new rule significantly broadens the definition of “Financial Institution” and thereby the organization types to which the rule applies. Under these new rules, you or your customers may be beholden to strict compliance standards — ranging from the designation of a Qualified Individual to the complexities of maintaining and testing a comprehensive Incident Response plan – and failure to comply could be costly. Join us to learn what the new Safeguards Rule means to you and your clients and gain help outlining a strategy to maintain compliance.

Presenter: Rick Mancinelli, CEO, C3 Complete

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