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Tuesday November 14

Location: EXPO Hall

Exhibitors to coordinate with ATS for booth logistics.

Location: Talking Stick Golf Club

Interested in playing in the CVx Golf Tournament? Contact Bruce Christian at

Location: lower level of the Expo Hall in the Red Bird & Dove Meeting Rooms

We need to get you downstairs where our education classes are scheduled, so our snacks, refreshments and Bloody Mary Bar are available outside the meeting rooms. Take the stairs or the elevator to join us.

Location: the lower level of the Expo Hall in the Red Bird & Dove Meeting Rooms

Education is why you are here – except maybe for the golf, sunshine and networking – so come downstairs and learn something you didn’t know. Our session descriptions will be announced later.

Location: EXPO Hall

It’s party time. Meet, greet and drink as you check out the exhibitors – all of whom want to meet you!

Wednesday November 15

Check back for future updates.

Location: Exhibit Hall

Location: the lower level of the EXPO Hall in the Meeting Rooms Foyer

Studies show a well-fed individual learns better than a hungry one, so our complimentary breakfast is set up close to the session rooms. Recharge with your breakfast, juice, cup of coffee, then attend our education sessions.

Location: the lower level of the Expo Hall in the Red Bird & Dove Meeting Rooms.

You’re not going to learn anything knew upstairs, you need to come down to the session room, where experts are providing fabulous information. Come down to the Red Bird & Dove meeting rooms. Our class descriptions will be announced later.

Location: the lower level of the Exhibit Hall in the Red Bird Meeting Room.

You won’t want to miss this Premier Panel. Just wait to find out what it’s all about and who will be panelists in the Red Bird Meeting Room. We will share that information later.

Location EXPO Floor

Since the education sessions are concluded, it’s time to go back upstairs to the EXPO Floor and revisit our many vendors and possibly make some bid deals.

Location: EXPO Hall

We know a morning of classes can make you hungry – especially if you skipped breakfast. Our complimentary lunch will – located on the Expo Floor – will provide you with the sustenance you need to make it through the afternoon..

Location: EXPO Floor

Just because you are at CVx EXPO doesn’t mean you have to skip Happy Hour. We plan to bring it to you on the EXPO Floor. Hmmm, I’ll take one Old Fashioned please.

Location: Scottsdale

Scottsdale has many offerings, and our sponsors will use some of these activities as a way to meet and get to know you. Watch this space to learn what off-site activities will be available as sponsors secure the rights.

Thursday November 16

Location: EXPO Hall

Why have registration on the last day? Well, you never know whether a straggler or two might show up.

Location: EXPO Floor

The end may be near, but you still gotta eat. We will serve you a complimentary brunch on the EXPO Floor, so you can have a little something with your morning coffee.

Location: EXPO Floor

Surely there is a vendor you missed or didn’t get to spend enough time with, so now is your chance. Two more hours to make deals and meet with vendors!

Location EXPO Hall

We can’t let you get out of a casino without giving you an opportunity to win the big bucks. The $5,000 raffle prize will be announced – but you must be in attendance to win the grand prize.