Windstream Enterprise Reimagines Channel with ONE Partner Program

Windstream Enterprise, an IT-managed network and communications provider, unveils today what it calls “the next evolution of its channel partner program” to create greater long-term value and simplicity for thousands of channel partners nationwide.

The company’s ONE Partner Program, which launches on July 1, integrates and supports teams across all sales channels with a complete suite of cloud-enabled connectivity, communications and security solutions, along with the managed IT services to help partners operate and optimize these technologies.

As part of ONE, Windstream Enterprise delivers competitive compensation to partners through its incentives that are focused on where there is the best opportunity to win together: the Ideal Opportunity Profile (IOP).

Doing so allows Windstream Enterprise to help its partners close more deals, deliver “award-winning” solutions and provide exceptional customer experiences.

During a briefing with ChannelVision Magazine, Windstream Enterprise Chief Revenue Officer Mike Fiacco (right) acknowledged the company already has an effective partner program, but the July 1 relaunch improves it.

“We [he and Ben Team, SVP & Head of Channel] came over here and recognized some specific issues,” Fiacco said. “The marketplace is saying, ‘I need help.’ We are listening and reacting to the marketplace, acknowledging how quickly tech is changing, and how quickly expectations are changing with it.”

Recognizing the pandemic accelerated a shift to hybrid environments, Fiacco pointed out that “in such an accelerated environment, many skills and talent gaps exist.”

He said, “The channel has been forced to look for additional revenue streams. We are listening to the marketplace, and the market continues to change, technology continues to change, with that, the indirect market and the entire marketplace is reacting.

“Our revamped program is a reaction to the market,” Fiacco explained, saying technology is moving rapidly. “SD-WAN already has come and gone, as an example. Now we are starting to see the impact of AI. We recognize this acceleration of technologies is where partners need help.

“Windstream Enterprise can shift, and it is our obligation to our partners because we have done the vetting and we can make the recommendations.”

Windstream Enterprise hired Fiacco last summer, and Team came aboard in January.

“The IT services landscape has evolved, and as such, Windstream Enterprise continues to evolve to lead the market,” Fiacco said. “Throughout this evolution, we have been guided by one constant: An unwavering commitment to those we service — customers and channel partners. The ONE Partner Program is a manifestation of that commitment because it gives partners incredible value while making it easy to do business, while also giving customers the WE will guarantee of complete satisfaction.”

“Windstream has been around a long time, and they have been waiting for us to define this next-generation program, and we have the right leader in place to do so,” Fiacco said of Team.

“Partners are a central tenant of Windstream Enterprise’s long-term success, and as such we have made significant investments in ensuring the ONE Partner Program is beneficial and rewarding for them,” Team (left) said. “Today’s growth companies require the most modern, advanced technology to combat cyber threats, improve efficiency and lower operational costs.”

He added that under the ONE Partner Program, a new revenue stream is available for Windstream Enterprise channel partners.

“The channel needs help, and we are here to answer its call,” Team said. “Windstream Enterprise is expanding its portfolio plus managed services and tailored (verticalized and segmented) support to help channel partners get deals faster, integrate faster, win faster.

“Windstream Enterprise has advanced technology and services, and with our partners’ help, we can best address this strategic market. I am excited to roll out this incredible opportunity to, and for, our partners,” he concluded.

Under the ONE Partner Program, partners and their customers will receive enhanced service assurance and delivery, strategic vertical overlays, and maximized earning potential. Windstream Enterprise will support partners by:

  • Integrating and supporting teams across partner, direct and indirect sales, including industry experts aligned to strategic verticals at no additional cost.
  • Facilitating a comprehensive lifecycle experience, with hands-on professional support, through every stage of the buyer journey.
  • Prioritizing cloud-enabled voice, networking and security solutions — and the IT-managed services required to operate and optimize this infrastructure.
  • Providing industry-leading partner compensation aligned with opportunities where they are best positioned to win.
  • Delivering the WE Connect Partners portal to manage and maintain partners’ book of business effectively with real-time access, visibility and control into account management functions and execute transactions with ease and efficiency.

To learn more about Windstream Enterprise’s channel partner program, or to become a partner, visit