Unicon Strengthens Portfolio with MSP Channel Manager

Unicon, an expert in end-user computing and a leading software provider behind the hardware-independent eLux operating system, has increased its commitment to managed service providers (MSPs) with the hiring of Michael Gutsch as MSP Channel Manager international.

A seasoned expert in the tech industry, Gutsch brings many years of experience in end-user computing, security, user experience management and managed services to the table, having previously worked in sales and in international partner landscape development at a number of companies such as Dell, Sophos and Datto.

In doing so, he has proven his skills in strategic planning and in building successful business relationships with an MSP focus.

“In my new role as MSP Channel Manager at Unicon, my goal is to position the company as the leading provider of VDI and DaaS, as well as of workplace as a service optimization solution,” Gutsch said. “To accomplish this, my focus will be on aligning fully with MSP requirements, both in terms of licensing models and processes, as well as integration into the MSP ecosystem.”

In his role as MSP Channel Manager, Gutsch intends to build a large, internationally successful partner landscape and become the primary point of contact for Unicon’s MSP partners. He will be on hand as a consultant to provide support to MSPs and ensure the partnership bears fruit.

Gutsch’s expertise is not the only thing MSPs will benefit from – Unicon’s high-performance offering, “Scout MSP” provides additional advantages. Administration, reporting and billing are facilitated using an automated management platform that significantly improves the service quality and efficiency of MSP partners.

Find more information about Scout MSP here.