Ooma Office Adds Powerful Selling, Collaboration Features

Ooma Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, has added powerful selling and collaboration features to its Ooma Office business communications service, including online bookings, one-to-many text messaging, team chat and more.

Ooma Office, named by PC Magazine earlier this year as the Business Choice award winner for Best VoIP System for the tenth year in a row, delivers advanced capabilities that improve productivity and customer service, making small-to-medium-sized businesses sound big.

The new features announced today are:

  • Online Bookings – Ooma Office users can create a custom web page linked to their online calendar in either Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. Customers and prospects can be invited to visit the page to schedule a meeting in any available time slot.
  • One-to-Many Messaging – Multiple recipients can be selected to receive the same text message through the Ooma Office desktop app, eliminating the tedious cut-and-paste process of sending an identical message one at a time to a list of people.
  • Messaging Templates – Pre-written text messages can be created by an Ooma Office user for the entire team. The message templates are available during text exchanges and can save time by eliminating the need to re-enter answers to common questions, such as a company’s operating hours or information on a new product.
  • Team Chat – Within the Ooma Office desktop app, Ooma Office users can join team chats — an alternative to SMS texting. Chat history is available to all participants, going back as far as three months.
  • New CRM Integrations – Businesses that keep their contacts in Zoho or Freshdesk now can integrate their CRM system with Ooma Office. Users can make and receive calls within their CRM application. The CRM application will pop up the relevant customer record for incoming calls and log the call. Ooma Office already has integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • New Interface for Ooma Office Desktop App – The desktop app, available for Windows and Mac, has a new, streamlined design that makes it faster and easier to manage functions such as calling, texting, chat and video meetings.

Designed from the ground up for ease of setup and use, Ooma Office doesn’t require long-term contracts and gives customers transparent pricing for three service plans: Ooma Office Essentials at $19.95 per user, Ooma Office Pro at $24.95 per user and Ooma Office Pro Plus at $29.95 per user (prices are monthly and exclude taxes and fees).

All these announced features are included in the Ooma Office Pro Plus service plan at no additional cost. Messaging Templates and the new interface for the Ooma Office Desktop App also are included in the Ooma Office Pro service plan, at no additional cost.

“Small and medium-sized businesses want the same tools as big enterprises when communicating with customers and collaborating internally,” said Dennis Peng, vice president of product management at Ooma. “We’re dedicated to continually adding new features to Ooma Office to give our customers the opportunity to do more with their phone system, while sticking with our commitment to provide a service that is affordable and easy to manage.”

For more information on Ooma Office, visit https://www.ooma.com/small-business-phone-systems/.